High-Throughput Omics & Data Integration Workshop

Barcelona, Spain - 13/15 february 2013

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SeqAhead [COST action BM1006]

... is pleased to invite you for a new workshop session next February 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. The SeqAhead Omics & Data Integration Workshops will take place the 13/14th. February 15th will be dedicated to a STATegra workshop as a follow-up of the SeqAhead workshop.
We are looking for researchers presenting there data integration work. Please REGISTER and SUBMIT an abstract!

The workshop

... is a collaborative event of STATegra and the COST Action SeqAhead. The event aims to review omic data types and methodologies and to give the opportunity to NGS-researchers to present there advance tools for data integration and specific examples of data-integration challenges and success stories. Discussions then should become a nucleus to start network of researchers along Europe (and outside Europe) who will be possible users of the data-integration methodologies to develop in STATegra.


  • Bio-informaticians, statisticians, mathematicians and in general method-development researches interested in learning techniques of data integration in omics data-sets.
  • Researchers involved in the analysis of heterogeneous data sets. I.e. researchers other European projects with a present or close-future need of methodologies for analysis of heterogeneous data sets.

about SeqAhead

The primary objective of SeqAhead is to develop a coordinated action plan for scientific community, to help deal with the flood of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data in an efficient and coherent manner using state-of- the-art bioinformatics.

Establishment of a strong European network of NGS centres, data-analysis and informatics will facilitate and stimulate the exchange of data, protocols, software, experiences and ideas.

The Action will implement a ‘technology watch’ to monitor developments in bioinformatics software, in NGS technology, in data-storage and processing hardware, in data visualisation and graphical interfaces. Moreover, this Action will develop a strategic communication, dissemination, and education plan for NGS bioinformatics, to distribute knowledge and expertise via concerted education and publication programs.