"NGS and non-coding RNA data analysis" Workshop

Bari, Italy - 17/19 April 2013

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SeqAhead [COST action BM1006]

... is pleased to invite you for a new workshop next April 2013 in Bari, Italy. The SeqAhead "NGS and non-coding RNA data analysis" Workshop will take place from 17th to 19th of that month.

about SeqAhead

The primary objective of SeqAhead is to develop a coordinated action plan for scientific community, to help deal with the flood of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data in an efficient and coherent manner using state-of- the-art bioinformatics.

Establishment of a strong European network of NGS centres, data-analysis and informatics will facilitate and stimulate the exchange of data, protocols, software, experiences and ideas.

The Action will implement a ‘technology watch’ to monitor developments in bioinformatics software, in NGS technology, in data-storage and processing hardware, in data visualisation and graphical interfaces. Moreover, this Action will develop a strategic communication, dissemination, and education plan for NGS bioinformatics, to distribute knowledge and expertise via concerted education and publication programs.

the Workshop

SeqAhead and AllBio joined forces to create a 3 day workshop with presentations on non-coding RNA (ncRNA) research, bioinformatics, data analysis and stimulate discussions between biologists and bioinformaticians. Further we will have a hack-a-thon approaching data analysis bottlenecks.

SeqAhead created a special interest group on research and data analysis of ncRNA. Whereas AllBio collected during its first project year test cases of data analysis problems in biology. Two test cases on data analysis of ncRNA sequencing where selected and will be process further.


  • biologists with research in ncRNA applying or planning to apply Next Generation Sequencing technologies
  • bioinformaticians involved in data analysis or developing algorithms for data analysis of ncRNA data.